Questions and Answers

1) What operating system does ICIE run on?

Windows. From Windows XP through Window 8.1

2) Does ICIE run on Cellphones? If so, what type?

Yes. We have programmed the applications to run on both iPhone and Droid.

3) What is the cost of ICIE to implement it in my school?

Please contact us for pricing information. In most situations, the sofwtare is free to the school and a small fee is charged to the school's partner in education.

4) Does ICIE work on cell phones too? If so, what models?

Yes it does. Currently we have iPhone and Droid apps ready for use.

5) Can I customize ICIE to only allow it to work during certain times of the day?

Currently no...but we can custom the server scripts to work only during school hours.

6) What type of server is required for school installation?

Linux, or any type of server that can run PHP pages.

7) How does ICIE control who gets the messages/News?

In the server side scripts, you'll tell the custom variables who the alert needs to go to. This is all done from a custom interface we've build so you don't need to worry about learning how to program to use ICIE.