Basically ICIE comes in 3 packages – Desktop, Cellphone, and Server.  Each section has been described below in depth. For a list of merchandise (Tee-Shirts, Coffee Cups, Dog Bowls, Sling Bags) please visit

ICIE - Desktop:

control panel

This edition is installed on a Windows computer. Several buttons are available include a master control panel that allows you to set the program up. Some of the reporting features include the following:

Set the notification method. Student, teacher, parent are just a few.

Time: How long the alter takes before it can be processing the next command.

mICIE - Cellphone:

mICIE01   mICIE02


mICIE, is the portable cell phone version. Currently it comes in 2 versions - iPhone & Droid. Both use the same database and powerful scripts that provide alerts based on your key terms.

Server Monitoring:

Server Details

This portion of the product provides a transportation method for the data to get evaluated. You set the key terms and the position and ICIE does the rest! The information will generate an alert is your terms raise the bar to the right level. For a demostration, please contact us. To obtain a copy for your school, please visit

We now make the ICIE paper tempate available for everyone to download. Simply click on the link below and a pdf will load. Download a copy of the pdf

All orders will receive 10 copies of our ICIE bumper sticker that can be seen here: Bumper Sticker. Other products are available on request.