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  • "A better way to keep in touch with our kids!"
  • "with the school faculty..."
  • "while being independent even at home!"

ICIE stands for In Case of Internet Emergency. ICIE is a software application that can be downloaded directly to each computer interfacing with the Internet. ICIE is a simple and effective method of reporting suspicious, dangerous, or illegal activity discovered on the Internet to the appropriate authority. ICIE’s reporting mechanism can provide law enforcement or other authorities enough information to determine what action, if any, needs to be taken.

ICIE is perfect for schools or homes where parents want to build trust with their kids instead of spying on them like so many other applications. ICIE is now covered by the following patent number of 7,984,145.

A custom algorithm is used to "filter" false alerts by checking the words used in a paragraph that matches a custom database. If the number of returns matchs certain ratio, an alert is sent. If the matching ratio is too low, the condition is still logged, but no alert is sent. This helps you keep pace with the level of alerts knowing the system isn't sending you on every alert that is false.